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About Us

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Taizhou Gearing Machinery Co., Ltd.(Taizhou SHK Transmission Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer in precision reduction gear, car gearbox gear, diesel gear. Annual production capacity of precision gear is 1.5 million pieces. We have 120 staffs, 15 technicians. The plant area is over 7000 spare meters. We own all kinds of facilities over 150 sets in domestic and oversea, include high-efficiency six-axes gear hobber, CNC gear shaving machine, high-efficiency gear grinding machine, CNC gear shaper, precision CNC cylindrical grinder, numerical control slanting bed lathe, four axes machining center, etc. We have complete measurement examination system, are strong in quality guarantee, precision measurement, metallographic analysis. Such as gear measurement center, CMM, electronic gear double meshing device, contour graph, projector, roughness meter, HX-MIAS and brinell, rockwell , vickers hardness tester, etc. We hire many experts in management, technology and quality to lay a good foundation for establishing outstanding gear supplier. We has passed the ISO/TS16949 system certification in December 2008.

Company is currently the domestic main clients are: Guangdong Starshine Drive Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jie Drive Shanghai Omni Gear Co., Ltd. Ridgid, Zhejiang Wanliyang Co.,ltd. Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co.,ltd. Hande Axle, Zhejiang Changtai Machinery Co., Ltd. foreign export countries: Germany, Poland, the United States, India, Mexico and other countries, we are looking forward to cooperate with customers both at home and abroad sincerely, common development and create a better future!