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A Quick Guide on How to Use your Magic Sing

Setting up the Magic Sing:

1) Connect the jack of the AC Adapter to the jack terminal (found at the rear) on your Magic Sing Main Station and plug the other end of the AC Adapter to the main power supply.

Magic Sing ET19KV Setup 1 Magic Sing ET18K/KV Setup 1Corded Magic Sing Setup 1
     ET19KV                              ET18K/KV                           ET12K/13K/9K/MT15K

2) Connect the AV Cable from the Magic Sing into your TV's RCA jack terminal (found either on the sides or at the rear of your TV) in the following manner:

VIDEO : Yellow jack to the yellow terminal
AUDIO(R) : Red jack to the red terminal
AUDIO(L) : White jack to the white terminal

From the Magic Sing:

Magic Sing ET19KV Setup 2 Magic Sing ET18K/KV Setup 2
    ET19KV                           ET18K/KV
Magic Sing Corded Setup 2
ET12K(other corded models have this attached)

To the TV:

3) Turn your TV on and set it to the corresponding Video Input.

Please turn off the function "Automatic Volume Level" (AVL/AVC) on your TV(if available).

Magic Sing Setup 3

4) APPLIES TO ONLY THE WIRELESS MAGIC SING DO NOT USE BATTERIES ON THE WIRED MAGIC SING AS IT COULD POTENTIALLY CAUSE DAMAGE WHEN USED TOGETHER WITH THE AC ADAPTER.  Open your Wireless Magic Sing Mic battery compartment (found at the back of the microphone) and insert two AA batteries properly.

Magic Sing Setup 4

Starting Up the Magic Sing:

1) Turn the MagicSing Main Station on (found on the right or rear). The MagicSing Display Screen will appear on your TV screen.

Magic Sing Startup 1

Magic Sing Wired Startup 1

2) Turn the MagicSing Wireless Microphone on by pressing for 3 seconds. A green light indicates that it is turned on. 

Magic Sing Startup 2

3) To operate your MagicSing using the Remote Control, open the battery compartment (found at the back) and insert two AAA batteries.

Magic Sing Startup 3

Using the Magic Sing:

1) Select a song by using your Microphone. Press [▼][▲], and the Song list will appear on your TV screen.

By continuously pressing either [▼] or [▲], each song title on the list will be highlighted by a blue bar.
f you wish to play the highlighted song, just press [▶/■].

Magic Sing Startup 4

2) You can also select a song by browsing through the pages of the song list in the Magic Sing Handbook.

To play your selected song, just key in the numbers found beside the song title onto your Magic Sing microphone and then press [▶/■]. 

- You can do the same procedure on the Remote Control(with Wireless Magic Sing only).  Just press [▶/■] after you key in the song number.

* To enjoy more advanced features of your Magic Sing, please refer to the User's Manual found in the Magic Sing Handbook.

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